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At DM Tales, I will publish informative blogs all about digital marketing industry. I will feature special articles for all the subject matters to make the readers understand the core concept of it.

Subject Matter Tips for Marketing Strategy

Content writing

Content Writing/Marketing

Content is the King and to elevate your brand, a sound content marketing strategy is a must

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

It is the right keyword along with optimization can push your brand to the top space of SERP

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

It is the ultimate medium to engage, interact and deliver maximum social impact and engagement

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Your site increase its reach in SERP, you promote product/services leading to high sales volume for the merchant

YouTube Marketing

One of the Internet marketing strategies to promote your channel, reach new audience and create brand awareness

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

It is easy to reach the already engaged audience and deliver targeted messages to create an instant impact


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Businesses, which have their presence in the digital world, will always need a solid content marketing strategy to...!

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