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Every ship has an anchor… 5E Pirate Battle

This is the story of the most epic and fun battle encounter I have ever participated in, as a DM or player, and of course, it’s on a ship.

Our players are getting ready to travel to the desert continent to retrieve a shadow dragon’s egg. They get on the ship, meet the dwarven captain, and set sail. The journey takes 18 days across the sea, they sit around, fishing, talking, and training for the epic battle against the shadow dragon. (more…)

Solve 99% of player conflict using the vote.

  • NPC: I need your help! Our town is under siege and I was asked to hire you, great adventurers!
  • Fighter: Guys what do you think? I think we should help them!
  • Everyone (except Rogue): that’s a good idea, LET’S GO!
  • Rogue: No, I don’t trust him.
  • 30 minutes of arguing later.
  • Everyone: Come on… Rogue, What do you say?
  • Rogue: No, I don’t trust him.


Alignments: The Appendix of Role Playing.

Everyone is born with an appendix. An appendix is a small sac that houses good bacteria. When the gut is infected the appendix helps with the re-population of said good bacteria in the digestive system. As most people in the world know sometimes the appendix might get infected and cause severe pain and discomfort. What do we do when that happens? We cut that bacteria filled sac and remove it from our body. What was once a good influence on our digestive system is now a threat to the entire body. They are sort of like alignments actually if you think about it. (more…)


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