Solve 99% of player conflict using the vote.

  • NPC: I need your help! Our town is under siege and I was asked to hire you, great adventurers!
  • Fighter: Guys what do you think? I think we should help them!
  • Everyone (except Rogue): that’s a good idea, LET’S GO!
  • Rogue: No, I don’t trust him.
  • 30 minutes of arguing later.
  • Everyone: Come on… Rogue, What do you say?
  • Rogue: No, I don’t trust him.

I just can’t kick him…

We’ve all heard the advice : “If a player is causing problems, talk to them, if they don’t listen, kick them”, That doesn’t work in real life most of the time, not everyone can be confrontational, not every player in your group is kickable, maybe he’s your best friend, maybe the group wants him even though he’s a jerk.

Sometimes, a DM must handle a crappy player, and try to make him and the others enjoy the game… without “fixing” him, kicking that player would be the easiest solution, but sometimes, that’s just not an option.

LET’S move things along

So we decided we have to keep this guy, the one who always argues with the party, “lets go left” said everyone, “no lets go right” said him, as a DM you want to move things along, player arguing is almost never fun, they are not roleplaying, they are not rolling dice, they are just… arguing. You can use your DM powers and tell the players “we’re done here, you guys decide to go help the town”, but that would probably make someone at the table unhappy and irritated, because you forced their character to do something he doesn’t want to do.

But you have to move things along, or the session -and maybe the campaign- is ruined.

The vote

The system is simple, and you probably guessed what I am talking while reading the post’s title.

This is a system that I’ve done and had success with, it goes like this -you can ask one of your players to suggest this, or just enforce it as a table rule-:

  • Every player can invoke a vote, when your character says the word “vote” out of combat, everyone must take a vote or abstain on the issue of discussion.
  • In case of a tie, I throw a D20 in front of everyone,¬† one group picks >10, one group picks <=10, so its basically a coin toss.
  • Everyone agrees, that rejecting the result of the vote means that your character is kicked from the group and is immediately retired. ( so basically instant death ).

You can enforce this rule via roleplaying or out of character, it doesn’t matter, as long as everyone agrees that they will adhere to the result of the vote, and if they don’t, there will be no arguing, their character is kicked out of the group, and is retired.

Don’t use this rule on your first session, unless you know that you have problematic¬†players, if you don’t, wait a few sessions to see how things move along, your players can and will surprise you, in a good way, and much more often, in a very very bad way.


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