How to Build Content Marketing Strategy 2020 – A Step-by-Step Guide

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Businesses, which have their presence in the digital world, will always need a solid content marketing strategy to keep their customer/audience engaging. By executing a strategic marketing plan you will be able to grow a lot of website traffic. It can even help in boosting conversion, and enhance your business largely. So, what exactly is content strategy? Well, it is a piece of the marketing plan that you create in terms of written or visual format. You explain what you offer and how you plan to bring it for the audience.

Why there is a need for Content Marketing Strategy?

Believe me, to make any digital marketing campaign a success; you need to follow a proper content marketing plan. By using valuable and relevant content, you can easily connect with your audience and bring on new traffic to your business. Before getting into the systematic guide for creating the content marketing strategy, let us understand the importance and benefits of content marketing.

A proper content marketing plan can

  1. Establish a positive brand reputation
  2. Build trust with the customer/audience
  3. Help in improving the website conversion rate
  4. Improve the visibility of your business and SEO efforts
  5. Help in bringing new leads

So, after you make proper planning, make sure to use the different types of content marketing tactics (platforms) to viral it. Doing so will ensure that your business can meet up with the benefits mentioned above.

Content Marketing Strategy and success

What to Keep in Mind When Creating A Content Marketing Strategy?

  1. It is not just jotting down points and creating a simple strategy for content marketing, but you need to have a proper plan in the process. Perhaps, there are few points you should know for better content amplification and these are mentioned below:
  2. Your content will cater to       different types of readers, but you need to specify your target audience so that you can engage with them properly
  3. Since the aim of your content is to educate your audience, you need to check how you will be solving the queries of your audience
  4. You also need to plan how and which content format you will be using to meet your audience
  5. It is not just publishing your content; you will also need the help of social media platforms to reach your audience. Therefore, you will have to list down those platforms as well.

As we are talking about the content marketing strategy, it is very important that you as a marketer should prepare and plan an effective plan for it. Moving towards the right track via content marketing strategy will not only help you educate the readers but also ensure that your brand reaches a great height. Now that you have understood the need for content marketing and its benefits, let us study more about it.

Creating an Effective Strategy for Content Marketing

1.Know Your Aim

A content marketing plan is not just aiming in the open air without any target, but it is prepared to keep in mind with a set of goals. The main thing that you should ask yourself is why you want to create content. Is it is just for educating your audience and earning traffic to your blog/website or you have some other goals. If you can determine the goal, you will be able to reach it smoothly.

2. Define Target Audience (Buyer Persona)

While planning for content strategy, it is important that you define your target audience, which is creating a buyers persona. This is a significant aspect because if you know your target audience, you will be able to create content that is more valuable for them. So, make sure you check the audience parameters frequently so that you understand what exactly they are searching for and then create the content accordingly.

3. Start Creating Content Ideas

The next strategy that you should add on your list is to start creating content ideas. Before you start building the topics, make sure you do proper keyword research. You should check the search volume of those keywords and even the competition. Do not worry, in the next blog we will learn about the keyword research as well. Make sure that you pick a mixed of keywords that fall under low, high and medium competition. Finally, create the headline, add keywords (search terms) to make it stronger.

4. Think About the Type of Content you would Create

After you create the content, the next thing you should know is to determine the type of content you plan to create. List down if it would be an informative blog or an infographic or a video content. Planning for the type of content will take you to the next step of creating and developing the content accordingly.

5. Publishing and Promoting your Content

So, the final strategy is to publish and promote your content as this will help you reach to your audience easily. Try to publish a well-balanced content so that more and more readers visit your website and gain knowledge from it. In addition to this, publishing your content is also important, for which you need to take the help of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and many others.

The Final Take

To engage your audience and count new customers, content marketing is a must, which every business should follow. Business should have a content marketing strategy acting as a landmark to meet your goal. Make a plan for the first quarter and follow it properly so that your business gains more and more conversion. Go through the above-mentioned points to know why content marketing is must for every business, the benefits of it, and how you can plan it. Because a proper planning and a roadmap can take you to a smoother driving of traffic and reach your target easily.

All the major portion of the content marketing strategy is covered in this blog. Please let me know if I have missed any point.

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