Privacy Policy

Transparency to retain information secrecy of any visitors or the reader is the ultimate privacy policy of my blog that is DMTales. The complete privacy is followed for each and every visitor, who contacts or drops messages. All the details like name, email id, contact number of the customers remain safe and secure. I may use the details of the customer only when I feel there is a need to communicate with the visitors. The blog will provide all the informative content with respect to digital marketing, which I think the readers will be able to gain knowledge through it.

Secrecy to Keep Visitors Data is Our Priority

The site will collect personal data of the visitors like contact address, first name, last name, email address and phone number in order to identify the visitors. DM Tales strictly follows the entire norm to keep the information confidential and even safeguard your details.

In some cases, if you decline to provide information that is marked as a necessity, we will not provide you with all or certain services. As a part of the privacy policy, I ensure not to sell your data to any third parties at any cost. Technical details that include domain names and IP address can be saved for future statistical analysis of my sites. The details are collected cookies, where the time and how many times you visited.

Flexibility is Your’s

You have the complete freedom to use or blog to carry information. You also have the authority to restrict the service like receiving the newsletter, or other communication sources.

By visiting the site, means that you should abide by all the policies of DM Tales mentioned in the privacy statements. DM Tales has the complete right to change or update the privacy practices without even giving you any prior notice. So, it is important to go through the privacy statement on a regular basis. This will keep you updated with the latest amendment in the policy.

DM tales follows strict security principles and ensure to keep all the information of the visitors secured and assuring that not even a single detail with be misused at any cost.