• ShadowDark Reflections

    ShadowDark Reflections

    Here’s my reflections on running the excellent ShadowDark TTRPG. Read more

  • Managing my Campaigns with Scabard

    Managing my Campaigns with Scabard

    Since I began my GM journey back in 2021 I’ve been using Scrivener to manage my campaigns, but I was looking for something a bit more robust. Read more

  • Do Not Mess With Owlbears

    Do Not Mess With Owlbears

    This past Thursday the party spent the session lost in a rather unsual forest, and things got tense. Read more

  • The Dragon’s Union

    The Dragon’s Union

    No wonder dragons have the best CBA in all the imaginary realms. Read more

  • Interesting Times

    Interesting Times

    Wizards of the Coast is facing a rebellion in a crisis of its own making. Read more

  • Iron Falcon ’75

    Iron Falcon ’75

    Imagine a world where magic used to be real, and all the stories we tell actually happened. Now imagine magic was managing to come back. This is the world of Iron Falcon ’75, a game where the Iron Falcon retro-clone meets a Goonies/X-Files mash up. Read more