Comic Book cover with Gritty wearing the Infinity Gauntlet

A Song of Dice and Ice

As I was en route to Pax Unplugged on Friday afternoon a friend of mine texted me, “D&D Flyers Night is your jam.” This was followed by a link to a registration page for a one shot game of D&D at the Well Fargo Center, where the Philadelphia Flyers and Sixers play.

Comic Book cover with Gritty wearing the Infinity Gauntlet

Now, I am a huge hockey fan. I love the sport 1, and grew up watching my dad play in his rec leagues in local rinks. The combination of these two fandoms, D&D and Flyers hockey, intrigued me–even though the Flyers are not a good hockey team right now.

The one shot is entitled, “Grittical Hit: A Song of Dice and Flyers” and in it players will help Gritty defend his home. Here’s the write up,

“After a perilous and unprofitable journey through the wasteland of Delco, an intrepid group of adventurers arrives in Liberty City, where the world is their cheesesteak. Experience Liberty City in this 90-minute Gritty-approved adventure for 5th-level pregenerated characters!”

There is so much Philly in this paragraph locals would pan it as pandering if a national organization tried to pass it to us.

When I arrived at PaxU my friend led me straight to a table in the far corner of the exhibit hall 2. There I met Christopher Kinney, who’s in charge of group sales for the Flyers. It turns out the whole D&D one shot idea was his idea. I had a fantastic time talking hockey with him and learning more about the event, which will be held on December 17.

The D&D one shot is scheduled to be run from 3PM to 5PM, and players will also have seats for the Flyers-Rangers game that evening at 7PM. Tickets range from $90 to $140, depending on where the hockey game ticket is located, and that’s not a bad value for what you get 3. Parking is also available for $25.

I love this idea, and if I weren’t already booked that weekend I’d already have my tickets. If you’re both a hockey fan and a D&D fan, this is an experience that may be difficult to pass up!

Oh, and Christopher also gave me a poster of Gritty wearing the Infinity Gauntlet, which was from the Flyers Marvel night the previous season. Yes, this was also his idea. I love that there are nerds in the building down with the Flyers.

Check out the event page by following this link.

  1. When teams aren’t playing the neutral zone trap, but that’s another rant.

  2. Which may have been the better part of a quarter mile away, the space is huge.

  3. Though it would be nice if the Flyers could win a game or two, it’s not a great team.

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